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Food for a good workout (aromasin)

Suppose that after exercise the body gets energy consuming their fat reserves, but for muscle recovery
and proteins still needed. Therefore, in 1-2 hours after the workout you need to eat dietary protein products.
Here is what you can have: low-fat cottage cheese, egg proteins (eg protein omelet), cooked chicken breast,
boiled squid meat, white fish fillets (boiled or steamed) aromasin profile.

By dietary protein products can be added salad vegetables (refill 1-2 spoons of olive oil,
You can add salt and pepper) salad ingredients of your choice: tomato, cucumber, cabbage, bell peppers, radishes,
leek, lettuce, greens. Vegetables give you vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant fibers.
If your body is normally „takes“ dairy products, as a food, drink half a liter of skim
yogurt – is a great way for quick weight loss.

If you feel very hungry immediately after exercise and can not stand for 1-2 hours, then try to kill him
one of these ways aromasin profile aromasin profile:
1. Drink lots of liquid water or, for example, green tea without sugar or cocoa.
2. Drink half a liter of nonfat yogurt (no more than 1% fat)
3. Eat big apple

If your training takes place late in the evening
If you exercise late in the evening and soon after a workout go to bed, you can still eat,
but only approved products and serving should be very moderate.
In his articles on the topic of weight loss, I recommend that the last meal at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
However, let’s look at the situation when the evening workouts – you eat a little for 2-3 hours before exercise,
then train approximately 1-1.5 hours if before bedtime is still at least two hours, it turns out that you have eaten for
5-6 hours before bedtime … At the same time you had a good physical aromasin activity and you spend a lot of energy in training.
Therefore, in this case, you can eat a little before sleep even if there is very little time.

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